Older versions

Older versions of DashPanel

NOTE:Only use these servers for old versions of DashPanel!

Older Android versions:
It is sometimes required to update the Unity project DashPanel is built with. This often comes at the cost of backward compatibility. If your device is no longer compatible with the latest DashPanel use the older version and its compatible server below. Make sure to press the "Skip this version" button if the AutoUpdate dialog is shown.

Google has raised the minimum SDK required for apps submitted to the store requiring the project to be upgraded. This is the last version of DashPanel supporting Android 4.1 - 4.3
DashPanel_1.8.7 DashPanelServer_1.8.2

Unity 2017.3 has a number of bugs causing incompatibility with some devices. DashPanel_1.4.0 was built with Unity 2017.1.
DashPanel_1.4.0 DashPanelServer_1.3.2.4

Unity 5 now requires Android: OS 4.1 or later, DashPanel_1.2.6 was the last version of DashPanel that supported Android 2.3.1 or later download the APK and compatible server below.
DashPanel_1.2.6 DashPanelServer_1.1.0.4